Susan Scott


I'm writing to thank you for treating Ami so successfully.

When Ami first contracted severe skin allergies I spent a great deal of money on steroid and antibiotic treatments from my local vet. These only masked the symptoms without dealing with the underlying cause, as well as producing distressing side effects. Ami had never been a particularly energetic dog and the steroids made her fat and even lazier.

Since following your detox treatment for three months, Ami has become full of fun and energy. She loves her new diet and is obviously thriving on it. It is well worth the extra time spent in preparation and since I drink the juice from her pulped veggies we both now have beautiful healthy skin!

Ami is now back to the weight she should be; her eyes are clear and all her allergies have disappeared. At 8 years old she has the energy of a much younger dog.

Thank you so much

Sherry Worship

Susan Scott


Our five-year-old Border Collie, Boscha, is a healthy, happy dog. But she wasn't always this way. When she was about two, she developed a skin allergy. It began as a mild heat rash which was easily treated: first with calamine lotion, then with stronger vet treatments such as cortisone. However, the rash remained. I would check her skin daily, trimming her coat if required and tending to continual outbreaks. The rash spread over time, presenting differently across her body. The rash was red on her belly, while the skin on her back was flaky. Her feet became swollen and the white hair on her paws became pink due to her excessive biting and licking. Her lower back was so itchy that she had to wear an Elizabethan collar to prevent her from pulling out chunks of hair. She would also bite the skin under her tail to such an extent that the area looked as though it had been shaved. Then she began shaking her head. The shaking caused blood vessels to burst under the skin in her ears. The vet concluded that her irritation (and subsequent shaking) was resulting from her chronic allergic condition. Her ears were inflamed, irritable, often infected. She underwent three separate ear operations.

She had blood tests which confirmed her allergies as non-specific. She was placed on Atopica, an anti-immune treatment. The Atopica helped at first, but did not heal her problems. She still had flare-ups and began to manifest a reaction to the treatment. She became hyper-vigilant and restless and her disposition changed. She appeared unwell. I took her off the treatment.

A mutual friend recommended Susan Scott. We drove to Coffs Harbour for a consultation. This visit changed our lives. Let me just say here that Boscha had been so unwell I had even considered having her put down. But Susan seemed unfazed by her condition and assured us that she could be treated.

This she has done, successfully. Her initial treatments were every month for the first six months, then every second month as Boscha's health improved. Now, when the summer heat hits and she gets patches of rash on her stomach, I ring Susan for a treatment and it clears up simply and effectively, usually within three weeks (as opposed to becoming increasingly inflamed and painful). But one of the most remarkable improvements is the condition of her ears. They're perfectly clean and clear. Our beautiful dog is now a picture of health. Thanks to Susan.
Diana Sweeney.

Susan Scott

Jaya at 3yrs

Susan Scott

Jaya at 17years

Susan Scott

Yogi at 3yrs

Susan Scott

Yogi at 17years



We have known Susan for over twenty years and she has treated our cats for eighteen of those years. We had no idea how to properly feed our cats and after an initial consultation with Susan, got the clear picture that big wild cats don’t sit in front of a fire and cook their evening meal. Therefore, we should not be feeding our cats with cooked food! Our cats are amazingly healthy and even though they are quite old now, they still look amazing. This is all due to Susan's remedies that she posts down to us when we need to give them some herbs or tonics. Susan has a wonderful gift in understanding our cats, and we have never doubted her experience and skill over all these years.

Sudharmo and Rasila Kossew