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Avoiding harmful foods for dogs

by Elizabeth Routledge

Getting Results with your Dog's Diet.

DOGS ARE OMNIVORES NOT CARNIVORES and to get real results with your dog try a diet that I have just established with my dog Roly.

Let me tell you Roly's story! formerly the dog known as Roly Poly, a typical labrador. We got Roly as a puppy and he was gorgeous, but unfortunately after a divorce and constant moving I thought it best for him to go to live on the farm of a friend of a friend. Four years later we get him back. He's obese, smells, drools constantly and has a skin condition that is quite common in this area (Australia, north of Sydney, not quite tropical), where he scratches constantly and gets sores.

I immediately got him on a regular exercise routine, walking him twice a day (he's a big boy) and searched around for solutions for his problems. I got so much conflicting advise: feed him meat cooked up with rice and vegies, try Farrels biccies that greyhound trainers use! cut out chicken, oh just your recycling kitchen scraps will do ... OK he lost a little bit of weight, but that was it.

Then I came across Susan Scott, Dog Homeopath, who put me onto the diet that I will outline in detail. The results have been phenomenal. Roly is svelte, happy, energetic and healthy after three months!

Susan's premise is that as omnivores, and pack animals the best diet for dogs is one based on or as close to that of the wild dog ... they would scavenge the droppings of herbivores (full of fruit and seeds partially digested), and yes that's why your dog does disgusting things like snuffle up rabbit poo and here in Aussie kangaroo droppings! and to supplement that they would eat TOTALLY RAW MEAT AND BONES.

She maintains that our pets are being poisoned by dry and canned dog food which is full of nasty carcinogenic chemicals and preservatives, and on top of that all the tick and flea remedies that we give them are adding to the chemical cocktail. Take your dog with "hot spots" to the vet and you will be further advised to give your best friend steroids, cortisone and other expensive injections that simply mask the problem. So like us,( lets face it, I could go on a detox similar to my dog and i would look fabulous too!) my dog and very likely yours too, is suffering from a toxic overload that is affecting his liver, kidneys and other organs until he will develop a serious, life threatening condition.

Susan supported Roly's detox with herbal and homeopathic remedies and drops, including some for ticks and fleas (he is flea free!). For the first two months I took him off bones and gave him mince and / or chicken necks that I had simply poured boiling water over (to kill bacteria).

If your dog has a serious condition I would recommend seeing a homeopath who can supply the herbal support to help them through a serious detox without getting sick -as you know if you have ever done a liver cleanse, you can feel awful when you are getting rid of those toxins! It also helps to give your dog a regular bath to help remove the toxins coming out of the skin.

I know it's a lot more trouble than opening a can or tipping out the bickies but it will save you vet bills and you will have your precious pet around for longer. I think that it's now time to address my own health issues. Roly has been an absolute inspiration.